Stigma-Free Treatment

ADHD Is Real

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is an often stigmatized disorder and, sadly, people continue to view ADHD as a personality trait or a weakness of character.  ADHD is real and that patients left undiagnosed and untreated tend to suffer for it.  Patients should not suffer because they were born with a neurobiological predisposition towards ADHD.

Effective Treatments Exist

Medications for ADHD are among the most effective in all of psychiatry. ADHD medications can normalize the behavior of 50-65% of those with ADHD with an additional 20-30% of those experiencing substantial improvement.

Stimulant Medications

The fact that the most effective medicines for ADHD are controlled substances leads to further headaches and stigma for patients.  Here at NorCal ADHD, we believe that patients should be able to receive the benefits of treatment without stigma or the logistical inconveniences of being prescribed a controlled substance. This is why we commit to prompt and convenient electronic prescription refills. 

We Are Here For You

Because of the controlled status of most ADHD medications patients also tend to be shy when asking to update their dosages. We are here for you and willing to work with you on a week by week basis, updating your prescription until you find the dosage that is right for you.