Concierge Care

Personalized Care

Concierge care is all about providing patients with a higher level of personal attention.  Instead of paying on a per-interaction basis, you pay a monthly fee and get 24/7 access to our doctors through our instant messaging application.  This allows us more interaction time with each patient so we can find a treatment plan that perfect for you.

Talk To Your Doctor Any Time

Concierge medicine is designed to give patients quicker access to physicians, longer appointments and, in general, more personal attention than they are likely to get in conventional medical settings.  You are able to message your doctor any time to ask questions, modify your treatment, plan request refills, or even just say hi!   Our concierge plan even allows you to book unlimited phone calls with our doctor and ADHD life coach.

Build a Relationship With Your Doctor

The doctor-patient relationship lies at the heart of health care, and patient trust is a fundamental aspect of that relationship.   It takes time and communication to develop that trust.  That’s why our doctors are available to chat with any time. If you have been struggling to find a doctor that can give your medical care a personalized touch, then concierge care is for you.