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As a concierge practice, we offer care exclusively for ADHD. Treating ADHD is an ongoing and dynamic process. Our monthly fee allows us to offer you 24/7 access to your doctor. This is especially helpful while you are learning and adapting to your treatment plan. This means after your first visit, it doesn’t become impossible to reach your doctor. It’s simple to message your doctor and we often get back to you the same day.

The $99 fee does not cover the cost of medication. It covers unlimited access to a doctor via instant messaging, fast e-prescription refill requests, and 1 hour of phone call talk time. We do everything we can to provide your insurance company with the authorization forms and itemized receipts needed to seek maximum reimbursement but often times ADHD medication is not reimbursable for extended periods of times or you can get similar discounts through free programs like GoodRx.

See more information on this here.

We can’t speak to exactly what will happen when you have your initial phone call as every person is different but we generally get two types of initial visits.

  1. If you don’t have a diagnosis and have never been treated we will help to diagnose you during this initial visit. The assessment results in a diagnosis and a conversation about a treatment plan that works for you.
  2. If you do have a diagnosis we assess your prior diagnosis and treatment and take that into account. We may do a transfer or your medication or start a new treatment plan. It varies per person.

It is not required to be on medication to use our service. If you want to get a diagnosis and not pursue medication that is up to you. Your initial visit includes 4 weeks of concierge care. This includes calls and messages or refills with your doctor. If you would just like to follow up with your doctor about how you are doing, that is fine with us. You may also transfer your diagnosis to another doctor for treatment but we cannot guarantee that our diagnosis will be accepted by another doctor.

The initial covers the cost of 3 things.

  1. You start with a one-on-one phone call conversation with Dr. Dismond. This session is for the purpose of transfer medication management or diagnosing and treating ADHD. You are charged after this phone call and your treatment begins.
  2. The fee also includes 4 weeks of concierge care. This means you can schedule up to 1 hour of follow up calls with the doctor or instant message him any time in the Spruce app regarding your treatment.
  3. After 4 weeks, you will be charged $99 every 4 weeks to continue concierge care.

The best way to get to know a bit more about Dr. Dismond is to listen to episode 1 of his podcast, Dr. D on ADHD. Click here to see the episode show notes and listen. You can also search for “Dr. D on ADHD” in your preferred podcast app to listen. In the episode, we talk all to Dr. Dismond about his perspective on treating ADHD.

That’s not a problem. We’re happy to write a transfer letter for you and send along your charts to your preferred provider.

A $50 deposit is required to book your first appointment.

You may cancel your initial appointment 48 hours in advanced of your scheduled appointment time for a refund of your initial deposit. Your deposit of $50 can either be refunded or applied to a future visit. 

If you cancel your appointment within 48 hours of your scheduled time you will not be refunded the $50 deposit. 

If you cancel within 3 hours of your visit time you will be charged $249 for the visit. If you If you speak to the doctor on the phone, you will be immediately charged $249 for the service. 

If you speak with the doctor over the phone you may not be eligible for a refund.

What are people saying about us?

Maya M.
Maya M.
San Jose
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Wow wow Wow! Dr. Dismond is amazing! The office is right off of BART and super convenient (i don't have a car). The only downside is that they only see patients on Friday, which was hard to fit into my schedule. The fact that I can have follow-up visits from home more than makes up for it.
Bernie R
Bernie R
Berkeley, CA
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I've been working with Dr. Dismond for the past 60 days. His approach is thorough, methodical and his treatment algorithm works. He specializes in diagnosing and treating adults with ADHD. This is an entirely different "animal" than treating children. We are oft overlooked. Understand that I am a Pharmaceutical Rep...
Josh W.
Josh W.
Manhattan, NY
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The doctor was very patient and professional. It's always been challenging to find a convenient doctor to help me manage my medication. I'm happy to have found this practice.
Thane W.
Thane W.
Mountain Viiew, CA
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Dr. Dismond and NorCal ADHD have been a fantastic discovery for me on Yelp. Dr. D's virtual bedside manner is second to none: caring, non-judgemental, quick to solve problems, and enthusiastic about his work. He's always responsive to requests via the secure medical messaging application Spruce...
Jacob H.
Jacob H.
San Francisco, CA
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Amazing alternative to the traditional clinics I have been to. Super convenient! Dr. Dismond is super helpful and easy to get ahold of.