Concierge Care vs Direct Care

concierge vs direct care

Direct care and concierge medicine are both fast-growing models of delivering healthcare.


When I think of Concierge Care I think about something super fancy. There are many different models of concierge medicine. The patient pays a monthly or annual fee that allows them to be apart of the practice patient panel. The clinic profits from this fee and what they collect from insurance companies.

By limiting the number of patients, the medical practice does not have to rely on insurance reimbursements. In principle, concierge medicine allows patients more flexibility and interactions with clinicians. Insurance agreements restrict the provider in the way they can treat patients.

Direct Care

Most direct care model clinics charge a monthly fee and do not accept insurance. Clinics are not subject to insurance company guidelines. Physicians provide treatment as they see fit, not how the insurance company does.

NorCal ADHD is a direct care clinic. We charge a monthly service fee for our service. You get direct treatment from our clinicians without interference from insurance plans. By cutting out insurance companies, we spend more time with our patients, not on paperwork.

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