What Are Our Philosophies?

It can be hard to get transparency into a medical practice. We’ve started a new podcast and in episode 1 you can get to know Dr. Dismond.

Episode 1

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Insurance Super Bills

We are a cash pay business, but we do everything possible to maximize the potential for insurance reimbursement as an out of network doctor.

What Are Super Bills?

What is concierge care?

Concierge care is patient focused medicine that prioritizes a strong relationship between patient and provider.


Maya M.

Wow wow Wow! Dr. Dismond is amazing! The office is right off of BART and super convenient (i don't have a car). The only downside is that they only see patients on Friday, which was hard to fit into my schedule. The fact that I can have follow-up visits from home more than makes up for it.

Jasmine Y.

This service is extremely helpful. It's very difficult with certain providers to get seen by a psychiatrist and the process with NorCal ADHD is convenient, fast and simple. I had a great experience with the doctor provided and the supporting staff were also very helpful. Dr. Dismond took the time...

Shlomo A.

I move often within the Bay Area and because of this I had to constantly switch my providers. Norcal ADHD has been a life saver and very convenient. I traveled to their Oakland office and met with Dr. Dismond in-person. After the initial visit, the follow-ups have been from the convenience of my home...